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Watercolor and Digital Creations by Dr.Deepti Mundkur

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Welcome to My Happy Doctor Art 

A warm and cozy corner to relax and enjoy!

Custom Pet Portraits


At myhappydoctor everything is done to help you feel relaxed. Pets bring tons of fun and happiness into our lives. They teach us patience, true love and unrestrained affection. Dr.Deepti will make watercolor paintings of your pets for you so you can treasure their furry cuteness for years to come.

Custom Nature Art


Quality nature and environment play a very important role in our happiness. In this modern age, we do not always have access to nature in our high-rise offices or homes. Dr.Deepti will paint custom nature art so that you can create your own space amidst birds, butterflies, flowers, succulents, plants and more.  

Custom Medical Art


Doctor's offices don't have to be scary anymore. Whether you are a neurologist, a gynecologist or a surgeon, Dr. Deepti can create soothing watercolor medical art for your office so that you can break the monotony and bring a spa-like experience for your patients.  

Custom Landscape Art


Feeling travel deprived since the pandemic? Dr.Deepti can bring your dream destinations to your wall at home or at your office. Surround yourself with places you would love to visit and experience the bliss of vacation everyday.

Custom Digital Art


Custom Digital art and Custom illustrations for your own comic book stories or for your kids birthday gift because you deserve your own comic world of your dreams! 

Are you looking for featured watercolor art by My Happy Doctor?

Medical Art - "Where's the Tric?"

Find the hidden Trichomonas Parasite in this watercolor painting. This art is inspired by "The pap smear". A gift from science to screen for cervical cancer. Let's Fight Cancer! 

Sweet Pancreas

Medical Art in Watercolor

Sweet Pancreas

Watch the ticking heart everyday.

Saving lives one artwork at a time

Art Adventures

Adventure moments portfolio.

Cheer up your day with beautiful and vivid art!

Art is an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires.

"Deepti Mundkur, MD, a family physician, reports that she revived her childhood hobby of painting during the pandemic. She decided to quit her ‘big box clinic job’ and open a direct primary care practice. Since she had some extra time initially, she picked up a paint brush for the first time in nearly ten years. Mundkur features her art on her practice website, “My Happy Doctor,” including custom pet portraits, nature scenes, and medical art."  - Rebekah Bernard MD, Family Medicine Physician

Healthy Colorful Superfoods

Watercolor art blended with healthy living goals!

The watercolor painting process

Our objective is to create art as a perfect combination of healthy living and gratitude.  

Dr.Deepti's  Nature-inspired  Watercolor Paintings

Let's create art with your awesome ideas.

Frontline Heroes

Dr.Deepti's paintings have reached different corners of the United States of America and are displayed in clinics, homes of frontline heroes.

Meet Drs.Christina & Jake Mutch of Williamsburg,VA

Drs.Mutch & Mutch own Defiant Direct Primary Care in Williamsburg, Virginia. They have a beautiful clinic together and have been providing much-needed primary care during the Covid-19 pandemic as frontline heroes. 

They bring you "Healthcare, without the headache"

They have a simple yet personalized approach to primary care. No more wait-times or mystery bills. They are accepting new patients so please check out their website now if you live in Virginia or have friends and family in Virginia.

Meet Dr.Holtz  Emergency Physician

Emergency Medicine / Medford, Oregon

I am honored to paint for this awesome emergency physician.

- Dr. Deepti

I am honored to paint for this awesome emergency physician.

- Dr. Deepti

Dr. Danielle Holtz is an awesome Emergency Medicine Specialist in Medford, Oregon. She graduated with honors from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 2015.

We worked together at University of California, San Francisco Fresno Campus. I have some wonderful memories of saving lives in the Emergency Room Red zone where she stabilized patients and I would then manage them in the Intensive Care Unit. 

Emergency rooms are hit the hardest in the pandemic and Dr.Holtz has served on the emergency frontlines through the Covid-19 pandemic. We are so proud of her work and wish her great success. 

Meet Dr.Kaur Pediatrician

Pediatric Hospitalist / Valley Children's Hospital

I am honored to paint for this awesome pediatrician.

- Dr. Deepti

I am honored to paint for this awesome pediatrician.

- Dr. Deepti

Dr.Kaur is a brilliant pediatric hospitalist at Valley Children's Hospital in Fresno, California. Her patients say - "As a new parent, she really took the time to answer my questions. I liked that she had respect for my time, also. Her bedside manner with children is great. She is very intelligent, so I had complete trust in her." 

She is a frontline hero saving many kids and babies from illness and disease. We are very proud of her contribution during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In times like these, frontline heroes deserve at least a few moments of happiness. Physicians like Dr.Kaur sacrifice time with their family and the health of their family when they risk exposure to Covid-19 everyday at work. We are so proud of Dr.Kaur and wish her great success in her life.

Meet Dr.Hakimi Family Physician

Family Medicine /  Owner of Vegas Direct Primary Care

I am honored to paint for this awesome Family Physician.

- Dr. Deepti

I am honored to paint for this awesome Family Physician.

- Dr. Deepti

Five-Star Google reviews for Dr. Ati Hakimi's Vegas Direct Primary Care Practice speak volumes of the medical care she provides in these tough Covid-19 times. 

Patients say... "It is THE BEST membership money can buy!" "Dr. Hakimi is Amaze-Balls!!! I didn’t know what to expect but she had me at no copays, no over priced medications and personal care by a doctor! "

Dr.Hakimi is bringing a concierge medicine experience to Las Vegas residents blended with a long-lasting and a pure doctor-patient relationship. She has brought back the sanctity to medicine when distracting computer screens and mysterious middlemen have taken over healthcare.

Meet Cecilia Utleg ICU RN

ICU Nurse / Veteran's Administration Central Valley California

I am honored to paint for this awesome ICU Nurse.

- Dr. Deepti

I am honored to paint for this awesome ICU Nurse.

- Dr. Deepti

Cecilia is an awesome ICU Nurse serving veteran soldiers in the Central Valley Fresno in California. 

ICU shifts can be long and tiring. The life and death situations can be difficult to manage. Cecilia always stands strong by the side of her patients, advocating for their well-being, and helps them tirelessly to recover from near-death experiences to eventually go back home to their families. 

Her colleagues and patients love her for her cheerful nature, resilience in tough times and immense patience during the Covid-19 pandemic. I worked with Cecilia during some rough ICU night shifts in winter as an Internal Medicine Resident and we saved many lives together. 

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Christina our pottery teacher fills our hearts with happiness and her art therapy goes a long way in making our days fulfilling.

A lesson in exploration

Sky is the limit to the beautiful artwork you can create.

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Women Empowerment

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