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Why myhappydoctor?

"Alright, so let’s dive straight in!  Today, most physicians work as employees in healthcare systems and experience constant meddling by non-medical personnel in their daily practice of medicine. Hour-long waits in a crowded waiting room, an assembly line of 20-30 patients a day barely receiving 5 minutes of their doctor's attention, a different doctor for each appointment, insurance often denies medications even though a Board-Certified Physician prescribed it - there are endless such obstacles for even the simplest of life-saving medical care in traditional medicine.  The result is a horrible experience for both the patients and the physicians. Patients often end up in emergency rooms and sometimes lose their lives since they can't get an appointment with their doctor for timely treatment.  Insurance companies are making billions of profits while the United States of America struggles with poor access to quality outpatient care for the common man. Though we live in an age of instant texting and same-day home deliveries, our access to a family doctor remains severely limited. I could not watch my patients suffer any more while insurance companies refused to pay for lab testing, medications or imaging.   I wanted my patients to have the best experience with my medical care. Failure to consistently meet my patient's needs made me question the purpose of my career in medicine. I had worked very hard to become a physician and I would not give up on my dream of excelling at patient care. So, I did the bravest thing I have done in a very long time — I quit working for my employer to start working for my patients. I am now excited to be your happy doctor with zero distractions."

Don't you want more time with your doctor?

With myhappydoctor I can slow down to listen to my patients. I can save patients from financial harm by providing wholesale prices on lab testing, prescriptions and discounts on imaging. I can remove distracting middlemen such as insurance companies and employers. I don't have to see 30 patients a day because I work for my patients, not for a corporate medical practice.  I don't bill patients based on the severity of their health condition. I do not discriminate if patients do not have insurance. I care! - So I wanted to do something different to overcome hurdles to healthcare!


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Dr. Deepti is bringing back the warm and cozy to healthcare.

What is Direct Primary Care?  Direct Primary Care is a new movement of doctors to bring back the old fashioned meaningful doctor-patient relationship blended with cutting edge technology. Our low-cost package of $99 monthly membership covers easy video telemedicine access, house-calls by doctor, wholesale price on prescription meds, labs and pathology, discount imaging with select vendors saving you thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. We bring you affordable monthly membership equivalent to the cost of copay for one doctor visit. Our income is purely from this monthly membership and the payment for the membership allows us to provide all the value-added services at a low cost which is why we offer limited single doctor visits outside of the membership.

Say Hello to Simplified Physician care

Our model puts the focus back on you! 

Step 1. Meet and Greet

First of all, you can make a free meet and greet appointment which can be a phone call or a video call with Dr.Deepti. You can ask questions to see if Dr.Deepti is able to offer specific care that you are looking for. 

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