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Direct Primary Care  Membership 

Includes home visits, physicals, checkups, & direct access to your doctor. Literally don't delay getting care. 


per month

Ages 17 and up

Direct communication with Dr.Deepti for all interactions

Free Tele-appointments

Direct Message Dr.Deepti

Same or Next Day Appointments

Near 90% discount prescriptions

Near 90% discount labs

Near 90% discount imaging

Two free housecalls a year

Discounts on medicines, labs and imaging...

Dr.Deepti passes on savings to you with transparent pricing.


90% off

Common Medicines

One month Metformin $4

One month Rosuvastatin $6

One month Zoloft $6

One month Omeprazole $7

One month Levothyroxine $7


90% off

Common Lab Tests

Complete Blood Count $4

Cholesterol panel $5

Urine analysis  $4

Calcium Kidney Liver Panel $5

Thyroid Panel $19


90% off

Common Imaging

Xray $50

Ultrasound $200

CT scan $300

MRI $395

Mammogram Screen $140


90% off


EKG $35

Treadmill stress test $135

Lung Function Test $135

Home Sleep Study $300

Echocardiogram $250

Cost Transparency

One time Enrollment Fee

$99 one time enrollment fee per member to join our practice and avail all the membership benefits.

In-person Visits

Two 60-minute home or office visits per year are included in membership for all members. Each additional home visit will be $199 per visit.

Extra Costs

Membership includes doctors time and select services. Labs and Imaging will be at extra cost but made affordable exclusively for members.

Membership Benefits

No long-term commitments. Cancel anytime with 30-day notice. No copay.

No annual contracts.

Same day or next day appointments. No wait-times.

Easy access to Dr. Deepti's cell phone.

Near 90% discount on prescriptions. Upfront pricing.

Lab testing at 80-90% discount. Upfront pricing.

Discounted imaging. Upfront pricing.

Membership fees include all video telemedicine. 

Guaranteed same doctor throughout.

Dr.Deepti has the time to listen. 

2 housecalls by Dr.Deepti included annually.

Restaurant-style transparency with pricing.

Complimentary referrals to trusted specialists. 

EKG for $35. Treadmill exercise stress test for $135.

Chest Xray for $50. DEXA Bone Scan for $75. Sleep study for $99. 

Screening mammogram for $140. 

No call center. All communication is directly with Dr.Deepti.

Guidance from Dr.Deepti every step of the way.

Peace of mind about your health.

"I can now be their fierce advocate like I always wanted to be." 

"My hands are not tied by my employer or insurance companies anymore."

"I want the world to know that physicians take an oath to help save patients lives. The middlemen do not take this oath. CEO's of insurance companies do not take this oath. Office managers and call centers do not take this oath. If I have to save patients lives, I have to do it myself – with my own model and with zero interference from non-physicians.

Instead of talking to middlemen, I serve as a quarterback for my patients and my patients feel like they have a doctor in the family. Insurance companies do not get a chance to deny any of my professional medical recommendations because I do not ask them for permission to help my patients." 

 Dr.Deepti Mundkur

A Direct Primary Care Physician

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