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Personalized Care by One Physician

 Housecalls are back! You get Dr.Deepti's cell phone number!

Doctor-patient relationship is what really makes the difference. Hour-long appointments and clear upfront prices for all services by Dr.Deepti.

You are the Center of Our Universe!

 If you get 80% of your healthcare managed timely and efficiently by a familiar physician for the price of a gym membership, why do you need to use health insurance for outpatient care? 

We have no insurance company interference with your care.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a full membership, no problem! 

You can schedule a pay-per-visit appointment with Dr.Deepti. If you decide to sign up for membership, the enrollment fee will be credited to your membership! Schedule now!

Personalized consults to build a dream DPC practice. 

 Are you suffering burnout on a daily basis? You can now not only dream and imagine a healthy fulfilling medical practice like myhappydoctor but you can make it a reality to embrace a healthier work-life balance and career. It is time to take your happiness back while making your patients happier and healthier! Dr.Deepti will personally share her experience and journey building 'myhappydoctor' while showing you affordable ways and tools to create a thriving practice of your dreams. You have the power of having what you want. Visualize your dreams and believe in achieving them.

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Dr Deepti is the best doctor I have ever had and I am 87 years old. She saved my life, stopped the antibiotics that I was taking and they were killing me. Also changed my blood pressure pills that were too strong. Believe me, you will not be sorry.

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