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 If you get 80% of your healthcare managed timely and efficiently by a familiar physician for the price of a gym membership, why do you need to use health insurance for outpatient care? 

We have no insurance company interference with your care. No one else making the important health decisions except you and your Dr.Deepti.

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Direct Primary Care is a new movement of doctors to bring back the old fashioned meaningful doctor-patient relationship blended with cutting edge technology. Dr.Deepti's hands are not tied by an employer or any insurance companies anymore. Dr. Deepti was featured on Shoutout Socal which is part of the Los Angeles based Voyage Group of Magazines. 

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Dr. Deepti Mundkur sees fewer patients, texts her patients, and usually provides same-day appointments so she can focus on delivering personalized medicine.  Start receiving a better healthcare experience today. Personal, unhurried primary care with a compassionate physician!

Lea Arandia

Nurse Manager VA Palo Alto

"Dr. Deepti is one of the best doctors that I've known and worked with (this is what all my colleagues are saying as well). I remember how many times she exceeded the number of her ICU rounds just to personally check on her patients. She thinks endlessly - just to figure out what is wrong with her patients so she can appropriately treat them. Honestly, Dr. Deepti is a great blessing to our healthcare system because she is the kind of medical provider that patients need nowadays."

Jonathan / Patient

"If I could leave a  50000000000-star review, this would be it."

Listen to Dr. Deepti's podcast interview by Dr.Maryal Concepcion MD

Nicolena / Patient

Dr Deepti is the best doctor I have ever had and I am 87 years old. She saved my life, stopped the antibiotics that I was taking and they were killing me. Also changed my blood pressure pills that were too strong. Believe me, you will not be sorry.

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Affordable Concierge Medicine is the Future of Outpatient Medical Care.

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Dr.Deepti Mundkur has been interviewed in 2020-2021 by Business Insider Magazine.

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