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12 - lead EKG

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Members are not charged for telemedicine appointments.

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Delays in seeing a doctor can cause life-threatening emergencies and severe financial harm to patients. We give you uninterrupted time during your 30 or 60 minute visit. We have NO distracting computer screens during in-person doctor visits. Doctor focuses on you throughout your visit.

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Take Control of Your Health and lower your Health Expenses Now! Myhappydoctor has the solution to most of your health concerns. This Infographic shows health success and savings with our model.

Wholesale Price Medications

Upfront pricing is always better than hidden insurance copays and mysterious denials.

Affordable Labs

Despite having insurance you will have out of pocket expenses that will soon get out of hand. Copays pile up. Office charges add up. Full price lab work along with the wait for the confusing 'Explanation of Benefits' and bill to arrive in the mail. Its time for change! 

Affordable Imaging

Prices include Board-Certified Radiologist Imaging Report

Why pay for membership when I have insurance?

Dr.Deepti is available nearly 24/7 by phone, text or email for urgent questions and same or next- day appointments. Don't hold your health ransom to insurance guidelines.

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