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Big Savings

Save Money on 80% of Healthcare under Dr.Deepti's guidance.

90% off

40-90% off medications

90% off

Common Imaging

90% off

90% off most lab tests


Members are not charged for telemedicine appointments.

Compare our visit-costs and wait-times with insurance clinic

Delays in seeing a doctor can cause life-threatening emergencies and severe financial harm to patients. We give you uninterrupted time during your 30 or 60 minute visit. We have NO distracting computer screens during in-person doctor visits. Doctor focuses on you throughout your visit.

My Happy Doctor Member


per month

Same or Next Day appointment

Multiple full 90 minute relaxed appointments

Text support from doctor

Direct calls to Dr.Deepti

Guaranteed care from Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physician

Doctor always remembers your name and is very familiar with you

No waiting room because of housecalls and telemedicine

Dr.Deepti works with your schedule

Insurance or self-pay


per visit

THREE month wait-time

Rushed 5-7 minute single appointment

Difficult to reach doctor after appointment

Calls routed to call center

Often care from nurse practitioners or physician assistants

Doctor sees 30 patients every day and often can't recall your name 

Average waiting room time is 30 minutes.

You often have to take time off from work to visit your doctor.

Common Prescription Pricing for members

Free delivery of medicines. Upfront pricing is always better than hidden insurance co-pays and mysterious denials. Here are the prices for one-month supply :


61% off of full price



43% off of full price 



45% off of full price



Full price $149



92% off of full price $183.09


Common Lab Pricing for members

Despite having insurance you will have out of pocket expenses that will soon get out of hand. Copays pile up. Office charges add up. Full price lab work along with the wait for the confusing 'Explanation of Benefits' and bill to arrive in the mail. Its time for change! 

Complete Blood Count    (86% off)

Looks for anemia, bleeding disorders, infections and cancer


Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (88% off)

Looks for kidney and liver function, electrolytes, acidity of blood, total protein in blood, liver injury, kidney injury


Cholesterol Panel (90% off)

Looks for levels of good and bad cholesterol in blood


Urine analysis (96% off)

Looks for protein, infection, blood in urine and more


Hemoglobin A1c (88% off)

Screening for diabetes mellitus and monitoring treatment


Affordable Imaging for members

Prices include Board-Certified Radiologist Imaging Report

X-Ray (85% off)

Walk-in's welcome at Imaging Centers


CT Scan (85% off)

Each additional CT scan on the same day costs $160


MRI scan (85% off)

Each additional CT scan on the same day costs $240


Ultrasound (80% off)

Abdominal ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound and more


Joint Injection (90% off)

With Fluoroscopic guidance


Affordable Heart Health Screening

Prices include Board-Certified Cardiologist Report for Stress Test, Holter monitor. Board Certified Sleep Specialist Report for Sleep Study. 

Electrocardiogram (95% off)

12-lead EKG to rule out heart arrhythmia, heart attack


Stress Test  (95% off)

Treadmill Stress Test for patients with cardiac symptoms


Holter monitor (87% off)

24-hour screening of heart rhythm abnormality


6-lead rhythm EKG

Screening tool for atrial fibrillation, rhythm abnormality


Home Sleep Study (98% off)

Includes Board Certified Sleep Specialist report and appointment to review results.


Big Savings and Impressive Health Outcomes

QLIANCE Data: Savings with Direct Primary Care (DPC) vs Standard Insurance or Fee for Service Model.

59% less

Emergency Room visits

Direct Primary Care patients get physician level care within a day or two, sometimes within a few hours. This immediate access to care in the form of antibiotic prescriptions, asthma inhaler prescriptions etc, can prevent emergency room visits from pneumonia, kidney infection, sepsis, need for ventilator and more.

30% less 

hospitalization days

Direct Primary Care patients get coordination of care by a physician who has the time to focus on every symptom of the patient no matter how much time it takes. At myhappydoctor we recommend our patients to update Dr.Deepti on each hospital admission day so that she can prepare for efficient patient care upon discharge. 

62% less

need for specialist referrals

Direct Primary Care physicians believe in treating patients without unnecessary fragmentation of care. Specialists are needed if preliminary management fails but oftentimes traditional medicine doctors refer patients for every health condition leading to fragmented care and unnecessary expenses plus appointments.

65% less

imaging exams

Direct Primary Care doctors have the time to obtain detailed history and slow down to perform a thorough physical examination which often helps narrow down the diagnoses without need for expensive imaging and radiation exposure.

80% less


Surgeries can be avoided by timely medicines or early detection of a health condition. Direct Primary Care provides easy access for patients to get timely interventions. 

115% more

primary care appointments

Dr.Deepti has exchanged upwards of 500 emails, 900 texts with patients who have multiple health conditions over the course of one year. This ease of access works wonders for patients to stay healthy.

Direct Primary Care yielded a $1486 savings per patient annually. . .

. . . compared to traditional fee-for-service practice model

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