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It is great that you have health insurance!

You can absolutely use your insurance for blood tests, medicines, imaging, specialists, hospitalizations and more. The ONLY thing that your insurance can’t be used for is the low monthly membership fee for direct physician care from Dr.Deepti. This fee allows Dr.Deepti to spend more time with you when you need it with same-day direct texts, emails, calls, same or next-day video-calls and timely house-calls instead of dealing with tedious insurance paperwork for billing. Your appointments are longer, wait times are shorter, and she offers telemedicine! Most of our members use Myhappydoctor as a complement to their insurance. Some decide it is a smart financial strategy to combine a lower-premium high-deductible health insurance plan with myhappydoctor membership. The high-deductible insurance can serve as a backstop to cover unforeseen significant needs like hospitalizations, while myhappydoctor’s preventive approach meets 80% of day-to-day primary care needs and gives you ample consultations for a healthy future. If insurance denies testing, you can always use our lab, medication and imaging discounts. Most importantly, we do not limit the number of tele-appointments with your membership because we want you to get the care you need without worrying about paying for each appointment.

Housecalls for you

Patient Quote: "This is the first time in 70 years I have had a Housecall by a doctor"

Virtual Visits 

Patient Quote: "I don't need to arrange for a babysitter to see my doctor"


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