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Start living your dream today!

Courses for physicians  to Build a Dream Career

“If you're not reaching back to help anyone then you're not building a legacy.” ― Germany Kent

One-on-one DPC Micropractice Coaching Zoom 60 min

Concept questions, Curated resources, Costs, Model etc.


One-on-one Website Creation Zoom 60 min

Templates, Color, theme, fonts, pages, photos, etc.


Free Resources to learn about Direct Primary Care

All of the cards redirect you to many free resources for learning more about Direct Primary Care. Make your dream come true!

DPC Frontier

Pick me if you’re looking for laws around DPC in every state.

DPC Mapper

Pick me if you are looking for a DPC in your area.

DPC Podcast

Pick me if you want to learn from DPC doctors' experiences.

DPC Startup Kit

Pick me if you’re looking for a checklist and guide, sample documents.

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