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Student Mentorship

Free Virtual Shadowing for  Medical and Pre-Medical Students

Watch a Pre-med mentorship session...

A short video to show you how premed student mentorship works.

Courses for physicians  to Build a Dream Career

“If you're not reaching back to help anyone then you're not building a legacy.” ― Germany Kent

DPC Micropractice Nuts and Bolts Phone Call 60 min

Concept questions, Curated resources, Costs, Model etc.


Website Building Basics Zoom Course 60 min

Templates, Color, theme, fonts, pages, photos, etc.


Logo Creation Course

Unique logo creation skills for your dream practice


Website Maintenance Zoom Course 60 min

Adding services, reviews, updating blog, etc.


Social media tools Zoom course 60 min

Create advertising videos, social media content, etc.

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Website Building Zoom Course
Website Maintenance Zoom Course
Social Media tools Zoom Course
Logo Creation Course
DPC micropractice Nuts and Bolts Phone Call
Free Pre-Med and Med student Mentorship

11am - 5pm

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