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Affordable and Accessible

Personalized care by Dr.Deepti for your employees.

Restaurant-style upfront affordable pricing for 90% of outpatient medical care for your employees. Keep your employees happy and at their best performance.

Want to help your employees feel happy, healthy, and productive?

For as low as $79 monthly fee per employee, we will keep your small business of up to 30 employees healthy and working! Contact us for a customized plan designed for your business. Our membership combined with a catastrophic coverage plan can provide superior healthcare to your employees while also saving you money!

Flexible with Employee schedule

We can see your employees quickly, and we offer appointments outside of typical business hours.

Avoid Frustrating expenses

Common medications and Common labs are at near-wholesale pricing, no co-pays and no deductibles.

Our Services

Copay Free Primary Care

Your employees will love you for this benefit since it will save them from paying their high deductible

Same or next-day access to Doctor

Sooner your employees heal, the more productive they can be at work leading to less presenteeism

Attractive Benefit

Employee retention because you offer something that even some of the best benefits plans may not

Less absenteeism

No leaving office early to go see doctor. Doctor comes to the employee at work or home. Video visit, text and more right from their work desk or home.

Personalized Care

 Efficient and coordinated care since My Happy Doctor sees fewer patients than traditional insurance doctors.  

Discounted Meds and Labs

All without breaking their bank, or yours. 90% discount on common meds and common labs that we pass on directly to you. $35 EKG.

Happy Employee directly leads to Happy Customer

My Happy Doctor can provide health services to your employees whether or not you offer a traditional insurance plan. We care about your best results. Try us right now!

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